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Hummingbird 2.6.2

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= v2.6.2 ( 2020-10-01 ) =

- New: Integration with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI cache
- New: Allow removing query strings from assets network wide
- New: Allow removing Emoji scripts and styles network wide
- Enhance: Show OpCache notice on WPMU DEV hosting
- Enhance: Page cache preloader description text
- Enhance: Page cache sitemap detection
- Enhance: Asset Optimization "How does it work?" section
- Enhance: Automatic Asset Optimization UI/UX
- Enhance: Upgrade scripts on network installs
- Enhance: White labeling support
- Enhance: Integration with Cornerstone builder
- Fix: File change detection notice on multisite
- Fix: Asset Optimization logs on network subsites
- Fix: Missing downtime in Uptime reports
- Fix: Minor accessibility issues with toggles and icons
- Fix: Include/exclude icons in Asset Optimization
- Fix: Clearing mobile cache on page/post edit
- Fix: Error when clearing Cloudflare cache
- Fix: Log cleanup
- Fix: Redis connect modal
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= v2.4.1 ( 2020-03-02 ) =

- Fix: Plugin copy updates
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= v2.3.0 ( 2020-01-07 ) =

  • New: Uptime and performance report layout
  • Enhance: Opcache support
  • Enhance: Page Caching preloading
  • Enhance: Accessibility in all modals
  • Fix: Cloudflare integration
  • Fix: Zend OPcache API is restricted warning
  • Fix: Smush configure link on Hummingbird dashboard page in multisite
  • Fix: Page Caching status on subsite dashboard pages
  • Fix: Page Caching not excluding pages by full URL
  • Fix: Page Caching purge when direct filesystem method is not available
  • Fix: Page Caching not removing PHP die function from cached files
  • Fix: Page Caching log link
  • Fix: Performance test reports notice text
  • Fix: Undefined index HTTP_REFERER notice
  • Fix: Asset Optimization tour modal based on the selected mode
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= v2.2.2 ( 2019-11-13 ) =

  • Fix: Duplicate preloading of home page
  • Fix: Front page preloader stuck in a loop on some hosts
  • Fix: Cache preloader settings