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Max Mega Menu Pro

Max Mega Menu Pro 2.1.3

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= v2.1.3 =

* Fix: Accordion menus not respecting the 'Mobile Menu Behaviour' setting
Download Max Mega Menu Pro 2.1.0 Nulled Free
= v2.1 =

* New: Add sticky options to Menu Locations page
* Update: Font Awesome to v5.13.0
* Improvement: Ensure the configured logo width and height match the aspect ratio of the source file
* Improvement: Add 'mega-svg' class to SVG logos
* Improvement: Styling fixes for WordPress 5.4
* Improvement: Add support for megamenu_javascript_handle filter
* Improvement: Automatically select the 'Replacements' tab if a replacement is being used
* Improvement: Automatically select the 'Tab content' tab if a tabbed sub menu is being used
* Fix: Accordion arrow position
* Fix: PHP 5.2 compatibility
* Fix: Sticky menu behaviour when resizing window
* Fix: Hover text decoration not applied when Icon Position is set to "Top"
* Fix: Tab content positioning when sub menu effect is set to Slide and dynamic sub menu widths are being used