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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailer and Release Date


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Mar 9, 2021
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has received a brand new gameplay trailer. CI Games' first-person sniper, stealth, and action game has been delayed a few times after initially having a release date of fall 2020. But the new trailer also comes with a launch date for Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, as players can plan on enjoying the gory shooter in June of this year. The initial announcement of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 was a bit of a surprise, as it came only seven months after the release of the first game. On top of that, the game was set to have a very quick turnaround from reveal to launch. But CI Games pushed Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 back further to polish the game and expand the platforms on which it would be available on.

The gameplay trailer shows that perhaps CI Games is headed in the right direction with that move. The trailer is incredibly graphic and high on the action. Footage shows close-up imagery of bullets flying directly through the heads of enemies, which results in flesh ripping into pieces. The trailer also shows stealth moments, drone technology, night and day-time levels, and more. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is set to release on June 4, 2021.The original Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts did not review well. The game seemed perhaps rushed, as technical issues and bugs were a major problem, as well as some design flaws. The trailer along for Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 makes the game look like it is in a better place, but of course looks can be deceiving. The good thing is the additional delays may have allowed CI Games adequate time to polish up the experience as best as possible.